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"Chip, I want to thank you and your company, Apex Logistics, for the superb job that you did for us arranging storage, organizing shipping, and delivery of these multiple trucks of delicate PV panels for these 2 projects. The choreographed arrival of these trucks and organization to have them delivered on time and unharmed was awesome. Our sub-contractors that received and uncrated these shipments say that they have not had a better experience regarding freight in all the years that they have been installing PV panels. This was a major production and I am grateful for you and your team for assisting in this feat. You are my number # 1 logistics expert.  Thanks again for all your hard work. Until next time, which will be soon." Pam Aytar, Senior Project Manager, Chevron Energy Solutions


"We want to express our sincere appreciation to Charles (Chip) Eggleton at APEX for providing us with outstanding service. From the very first phone call, we truly believed that we were an important customer. All of our questions and requests have been answered immediately and with attention to detail. One of our biggest resources in the shipping world is personal contact with truck drivers, who are on the front lines of shipping. We highly regard your company's skill and knowledge of freight issues, and feel your dedication to our client's best interest makes us look good. We have been more than satisfied with the service and quality of work received from your firm throughout our history with you, and look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come. When we need quick, reliable service at a reasonable price, APEX Logistics Corp. comes to the forefront of our minds. I will not hesitate to recommend your company.  Your service is easy to manage, leaving us free time to focus our energy on other important issues." Sergio Rodríguez- Operations Manager
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